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Welcome to Racing Cars For Sale Australia. 

A new platform to connect buyers and sellers of race cars in Australia and around the World.

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If you own a race car, chances are you have a different type of an attachment to the vehicle than a car you jump into everyday and go to work with.

Racing Cars for Sale Both Australia and New Zealand are home to enthusiastic racing
scenes. From the thrilling speedway racing community to the growing rally scene, racing has grown from a small cult sport into one of Australia’s most popular crowd pleasers.

If you’re looking to join in the fun with your own racing car, you have a variety of options available to choose from. From used racing cars to custom-built machines, buying a racing car in Australia or New Zealand is rarely a difficult process.

Read on to learn more about the best places to buy new and used racing cars in both Australia and New Zealand, what type of cars are available, and the general customs for buying a racing car in Australia or New Zealand.

Race Cars for Sale in Australia From drag racing to speedway events, Australia’s vibrant racing scene has produced one of the world’s best race car markets. Whether you’re searching for the ideal rally car or a high horsepower drag racer, you’ll have no problems finding your dream car in Australia’s large auto racing market.

The most popular types of race car in Australia are drag racers, speedway cars, rally cars, and a variety of drift cars and classic autos. Australia’s large motorsport scene makes it easy to find the perfect car for your tastes and goals, whether you’re a fan of speedway circuit racing or off-road rallies. 

Buying Race Cars Online in Australia Most racing cars are sold online, making it easy to search around for various listings before you choose what you’d like to buy. Search for race cars using keywords such as “race cars for sale” and “racing cars for sale” to get a general idea of the market.

If you’re searching for racing cars in a certain area, add your town, city, or state to your search keywords. Most racing cars listed for sale are located close to a major city, making it easy to shop for cars if you’re located in a major population centre. 

Also, if you’re searching for a specific type of race car, add the type of car to your search query. Searching for “race cars in Perth” will give you general results that aren’t particularly useful. Searching for “drift cars for sale in Perth” will only list drift cars, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Selling Your Race Car Online in Australia With hundreds of thousands of auto racing enthusiasts around the country, selling your racing car needn’t be difficult. Using the same online marketplaces that people use to buy racing cars in Australia, you can quickly and cheaply sell your race car.

Whether you’re selling a classic car, a circuit car, or a rally car, you’ll have very little trouble connecting with buyers online. The most popular option for selling a race car online is to list it on one of the many online race car marketplace websites.

These websites are popular amongst auto racing enthusiasts, making it easy for you to connect with potential buyers where they gather. The downside of this is that you will have to actively market your car yourself, as most marketplaces won’t advertise your car beyond a small listing in their classifieds section.

If you’re looking for a faster sale, you might wish to sell your car using an online car dealer. Dealers specializing in race cars will market your car for you, helping you to achieve a faster sale. In exchange for this, they’ll take a share of the sales price as a form of payment for their services.

Race Cars for Sale in New Zealand While New Zealand’s auto racing scene isn’t as big as Australia’s, buying a racing car in New Zealand isn’t necessarily difficult. Most race cars in New Zealand are off-road, speedway, or rally cars, with a smaller market for drift cars and classic cars.

Despite the smaller market, tracking down your dream race car in New Zealand isn’t a difficult process. Like Australia, most race car sales happen online. Search for your desired car and location on Google to sample listings on online auctions and race car dealers’ websites.

If you’re searching for a specific type of racing car, you might also want to try getting in touch with some local racing clubs. Many racing clubs and rally organizations list used race cars on their websites with contact details for potential buyers.

Selling Your Race Car Online in New Zealand If you’re aiming to sell your race car in New Zealand, you have a variety of options to choose from. From online auction websites to local club listings, most Kiwis shop for race cars online, making it worth listing your car in multiple locations.

Note that many local racing clubs might turn down your requests for listings unless you’re a member. Because of this, it’s best to focus on working with a race car broker to complete your sale. A broker will assist with marketing your car in exchange for a small commission on the car’s sale price.

Buying a Race Car Online: General Tips and Tactics Buying a race car on the Internet is generally a safe and simple process, however it’s still worth taking some precautions. As images can be deceiving, it’s worth checking the condition of a car in person before you complete any purchases online.

If you can’t fly out to check the condition of a car that you’re interested in buying, let a local mechanic or automotive specialist check it for you. Most cities have mechanic services that will look over a car to check its condition before you make a purchase.

Another important tip is to look into a car’s history before you buy anything. Almost all race cars face rough conditions during competition, but no car should be used and abused when you buy it.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect rally car or a high-powered circuit car, the large markets in Australia and New Zealand make it easy to buy – or sell – the car of your dreams. With the right strategy and connections, you’ll have no trouble finding or selling your race car in Australia or New Zealand.

You probably have some kind of emotional connection to the vehicle due to events and trophies you have won with the car, close races you have lost and possibly tragic crashes you may have endured while engaged in competition.

When it comes time to selling your race car and breaking your emotional attachments, you face a set of challenges that you will not have to face when putting up just an average car for sale.

When it is time to sell your race car, you need to target the right type of people. For instance, someone who is looking for a good family car is not going to be in the market for a car that can go dangerously fast and has horrible gas mileage.

Unfortunately, there are many places online to post your average vehicle for sale that targets average people looking for those types of vehicles. But when it comes to finding a place to sell your race car, you don’t have as many options.

Racing Cars For is a great website for attracting the right type of people that are in the market for a race car.

They may want to pick up a new hobby for them self or maybe they just see some profit in the deal where both precipitants will benefit. 

The reason why this might work is that when people are selling their day-to-day car they more than likely will be looking for another day-to-day car. 

But, with a recreational vehicle someone's reason for selling could vary from just wanting some extra money all the way to wanting to buy a yacht or something in-between.

After you find a place to post an ad and or find a potential buyer to sell your race car to, the next set of challenges that you will face is letting potential buyers know exactly what they will be getting. 

One thing they are going to want to know is how often do you frequent the racetrack with the race car for sale

Another thing a potential buyer will want is proof of performance. Time slips from the racetrack, certification of any events that the car has placed in first, second, third and so on and videos of the vehicle performing are all great ways to show the potential buyer what the car is capable of accomplishing. 

Find Drift Cars, Classic Race Cars, V8 Supercars, Rally Cars, Unique Cars for Sale. Muscle Cars For Sale

Are you able to feel the adrenalin pace because you glance at the Formula 1 Competition? How about seeking exactly how Danica Tanker received the actual IndyCar Collection or even Erika Schumacher received the actual Formula 1? Lurking at the rear of most of these fearless people achievement are really their unique desired newlyweds out of the office : the top ethnic background vehicle correspond their particular skills!

Selling Your Race Car Online

Once you get some good information and you find some good websites, then it's time to get to work. If you are looking to sell your race car, there are some things you need to know to make it a better selling experience for you and the second party that will be involved. First, honesty is the best policy. This is even more important in online sales when the person who might be interested could be half way across the world. If someone travels a long way to check out what they think is a great find and find out that you failed to mention that the car doesn't run and that it was wrecked on the opposite side from where you took a picture of the vehicle, that could cause a problem. 

Also, as a seller who is putting your race car up on the web, you might want to think about the fact that you could end up doing some traveling, another great reason to make sure what you posted for sale is what you are going to be delivering. If you have no intention of traveling, it's not a bad thing, just make sure you mention it in the add, this will help the potential buyer know what he is getting into. 

One more thing that you can do to help both you and a possible second party is take a lot of pictures. Utilize the fact that most places on the web that let you sell things, give you an unlimited amount of up-loads or at least enough up-loads to place plenty of pictures of you race car in the ad.  If your selling an Ford Escort, a little black and white picture in the auto trader might be fine, but when your selling something precious like a race car, take enough pictures of it to show just how precious it is. 
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